Mainstream Press

This section looks at how the mainstream media reported and discussed issues related to video game violence and censorship from Fall 2010 to Summer 2011.

The mainstream press —here represented by newspapers, television news and online sources affiliated with major news outlets—is the main intermediary between an event and the general public. It is a journalist’s job, in other words, to gather information about a news story, come to an understanding about the story  and then communicate that understanding to the public. Of course, exactly how this job is done changes from journalist to journalist and from news source to news source. As such, what might seem like a straightforward news story at first becomes much more messy and complex when one reads different
accounts of the story that each
frame the story in unique ways.

While the following articles/videos are certainly not exhaustive, we have tried to account for a variety of perspectives on the topic. Some of these articles are opinion pieces while others purport to be unbiased journalism. Others still blur the lines between the two. As you move through the sources, keep the questions we laid out earlier in mind, and try to trace out the differences and similarities between how the various news sources covered the event.

Newspaper and Online Print Sources
Books As ‘Interactive’ As Video Games (Washington Post, June 27, 2011)
California Can’t Curb Children’s Access To Video Games (Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2010)
It’s Perverse, But It’s Also Pretend (New York Times, June 27, 2011)
Supreme Court Sees Video Games As Art (, June 27, 2011)
Supreme Court Has Ruled, Now Games Have A Duty (New York Times, June 28, 2011)
Supreme Court Strikes Down California Video Game Law (Los Angeles Times June 28, 2011)

Network and Cable News
PBS NewsHour (PBS, November 2, 2010)
CBS Evening News (CBS, November 2, 2010)
AM Fix (CNN, November 1, 2010)
ABC News (ABC 2 WMAR, June 27, 2011)
CBS Evening News (CBS, June 27, 2011)
CNN News (CNN, June 27, 2010)
The Daily Show (Comedy Central, June 27, 2010)
The Early Show (CBS, June 27, 2011)
Fox News Insider (Fox News, June 27, 2011)
NBC News Los Angeles (June 27, 2011)
NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams (June 27, 2011)
Fox 2 News (Fox KTVI, June 29, 2011)
Fox 4 News (Fox, June 29, 2011)
NBC News 13 News (NBC WNYT, August 3, 2011)


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