How To Teach This Site

The resources here will be particularly useful for teachers who want to incorporate new forms of media into their classes and help their late high school or early college students understand legal, industry and popular perspectives on the topic of video games.

While the site can be approached in a variety of ways, we recommend moving through it in the order of the above menu.  Each section opens with a brief introduction to that topic, and then has a variety of subtabs that provide greater detail.  For instance, in order to explore the history of video games in court, click first on the “Context” tab above.  After reading the introduction that will appear, the following sections of “Court Cases”, “Significance of the First Amendment”, “Media Self-Regulation” and “Aggression Research” should make more sense.

We would also like to caution users that some of the material we have linked to, particularly in the “Popular Discourses” section, may contain strong language and some graphic images from video games.  Although we consider these materials to be important components of the discussion around games and the law, we also understand that they may not be appropriate for all situations.  We have attempted to mark these areas where possible, but cannot predict what fan comments may appear on them in the future.  Therefore, we recommend caution when approaching any outside resources or links.


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